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At the Chapter Meeting of 2016, the Dominican Sisters
of Sparkill created and affirmed the following
Direction Statement for the community:

Filled with the Spirit and compelled by compassion for the women and children in her midst, Alice Thorpe, with a small band of women, birthed in 1876 what would become the Dominican Congregation of Our Lady of the Rosary. In the Chapter of 2016, we celebrate our beginnings and continue our journey as Dominican women proclaiming the Reign of God through ministry for justice and reverence for all creation.

Faithful to our Dominican charism, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of truth in order to address more effectively the needs of our suffering world. Climate change, immigration, peace, racism, and needs of women are some of the issues that cry out for God’s healing power. Our peaceful presence brings hope to a world torn by violence.

As sisters in community, we will encourage and support each other’s participation in the mission of the congregation. In our care for each other, we are motivated by the same values we bring to our ministry for justice.

Embracing our journey, we encounter the Sacred through prayer, contemplation, and action. The signs of the times compel us to form collaborative relationships; commit the necessary resources, personnel, and property; and use the communication tools of the 21st century.

Facing forward, we trust that God “will transform us into disciples, challenging us to a radical living of the gospel.” (Call and Response, 22)

– Dominican Sisters of Sparkill

March 31, 2016


Embracing Our Journey  –

      Encountering the Sacred


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