If we wish to follow Christ closely,
we cannot expect an easy life.
It will be demanding but full of joy.

Pope Francis



  Loving God,

  I know that you have a plan for me,

  a plan that will fill my life with joy.

  You’ve blessed me with gifts and talents

  that I want to use to serve you

  and to build up your Church.

  Show me the way to find the path

  that you have prepared just for me,


  Give me eyes to see myself as you see me,

  ears to hear the voice of Jesus

  in the circumstances of my life,

  and a generous heart to say “Yes”

  to wherever he calls me to follow him.


  Lead me, guide me, strengthen me.

  Give me the freedom of your Holy Spirit

  so that I may seek you with all my heart,

  follow joyfully where you lead me,

  and choose the path of life

  that you have planned for me

  from all eternity. Amen.


- Sister Margaret Palliser, OP


Dominican Sisters of Sparkill