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Sparkill Congregation celebrates the Feast of
St. Dominic and Associates' commitments amidst
the 800th Anniversary of the Order


On August 7, 2016, Sparkill Dominicans in St. Louis gathered to celebrate St. Dominic’s Feast Day. The celebration began with prayer and a special ceremony for the Associates. A new Associate, Marisa Ganey, was welcomed as she made her first commitment to the community. Associate Kathryne Hof then recommitted to the community for 5 years

Above: Associate Marisa Ganey during her commitment ceremony.

Below: Associate Kathryne Hof offering remarks during her recommitment to the Congregation.

Several more Associates were honored for their milestone years of dedication to living the Dominican charism and mission alongside the Sisters: Dorothy Tetreault (35 years,) Margaret Bush (30 years,) Colleen Calhoun (27 years,) and Janet Crisp, Mary Ann Speno, Mary Lou Storment and Rose Wojciechowski (15 years.) The group then enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Sr. Carla Mae Streeter, OP, a Racine Dominican, on Dominican Spirituality, Mission and Study, followed by a dinner.

Sr. Connie Bauer, Co-Director of the Associates Program in St. Louis led the group in honoring the Associates' commitments.

At the congregation’s Motherhouse in New York, Sisters and Associates marked the Feast of St. Dominic with a Mass and dinner celebration on August 8. Sister Angelique Dryden offered a reflection on Dominic’s mercy, compassion and scholarship, sending the congregants forth with the inspiring words from his last will and testament: Have charity for one another, guard humility, make your treasure out of voluntary poverty.

The Sparkill Congregation attending St. Dominic’s Feast Day Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel in Sparkill.


“There is so much pride for all of us in the Dominican Family (Sisters, Nuns, Friars, and Laity) in being part of the worldwide Dominican Order. We celebrate that pride and the inspiration of our Founder in an extra special way this year during the 800th Anniversary of the Order,” said Sr. Angelique.



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