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Sisters Denounce the Administration's Decision to Rescind TPS for Hondurans

As Catholic Sisters and as members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, we stand behind this statement denouncing the Administration's decision to rescind TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for Hondurans.

Sr. Cecilia LaPietra, who serves the immigrant community in the Rockland County, NY area at One to One Learning, shares her insight on the realities that individuals and communities face when TPS is revoked:

“Immigrants with TPS have for many years been adding to the economy of the United States. For example, many alumni and students of One to One Learning (who are from El Salvador) have had this status since 2001. Many are in the restaurant, landscaping, construction, child and care giving, and housekeeping businesses. Some now own their own companies, their own homes, and they pay taxes. They support family members in their countries of origin. They work to learn English and want to become citizens of the United States. Some have achieved this, when possible.

“Situations in many Central American countries are challenging, with gangs, drugs, unemployment, and much poverty. Taking away TPS will force people to leave the United States, which is now their home, and where their children have been born and raised. Families will be separated when those who lose protected status are forced to leave. U.S. communities will also be affected by a loss of diversity and fewer employees in the work force, which tends to most heavily impact service industries. The Churches in the United States have been infused with new life from these people of faith and so risk losing much energy for positive change.

“A new look at our immigration laws is what is needed to give those with TPS the possibility of applying for proof of residency that will lead to citizenship.”

Sr. Cecilia, along with other Sparkill Dominicans, recently took part in a May Day Rally in Nanuet, NY to advocate for immigrants’, workers’, and all human rights.

Read the statement here.


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