st.Dominic and first sisters

As Dominican Sisters of Sparkill, we
express our Dominican spirituality
through lives of prayer, witness, and service.
Daily we commit ourselves to the words
we have written in our Constitutions:

Redeemed in the blood of Jesus

     and sanctified by his spirit,

          despite our weakness and limitations,

               we strive to imitate

                    his commitment to the proclamation of the reign of God.

We especially honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus,

      as Our Lady of the Rosary,

           and we look to her to assist us

                in responding to God's gift of life in Christ, saying with her:

                    "Let it be done to me according to God's Word." (Lk 1:38)

We seek to embody in our lives the apostolic spirit of Saint Dominic,

     who revered Mary,

         and who gives us an on-going model

              for prayerful study in pursuit of truth,

                   for fruitful contemplation,

                         and for ministerial action.

Saint Dominic, a spirit-filled disciple of the gospel,

         raised up by God

               to meet the needs of his age,

                   dared to develop a new mode of apostolic religious life.

Dominic's Order of Preachers incorporated in a creative way

     the proclamation of the Word

          through a ministry of preaching and teaching

               centered in contemplation and study

                    and sustained by liturgical prayer and common life.

As women freely dedicated to the Word of God

     spoken in Christ, in Mary, and in Dominic

           we live a vowed commitment

                in community with one another

                     and with the Church,

                          and act in a way that publicly speaks

                               of the Risen Christ working in us

                                     through the power of the Spirit.

Because we are gospel-centered,

     devoted to Mary and Dominic,

          our spirit is one of joy,

               of generosity,

                    of hospitality,

                         and of living faith.


Called by God, inspired by our heritage,

     and enlightened and strengthened through prayer,

          we daily commit ourselves to do the work of the reign of God

               so that, through the merciful love of God,

                   we and those we serve may have life to the full.

- Constitutions, No. 5-12




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