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Corporate Stances

April 2015

Dominican Sisters Commit to Work on Climate Change Impacts

Climate Justice Calls us to Seek Sustainable Life Habits


Amityville, Blauvelt, Hope, Sparkill, NY and Caldwell, NJ: Five congregations of Dominican Sisters–the Dominican Sisters in Committed Collaboration–join their voices and efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and build more sustainable lifestyles. Speaking and acting on behalf of Earth systems, essential for the continuation of life, is an important element in the work of justice inherent in the life of a Dominican Sister. By joining together to speak as one voice, organizing actions to protect the environment, and advocating for policies that protect the most vulnerable among us and our environment, the Sisters join the growing number of individuals and families in the Climate Change Movement.


In instituting this Corporate Stance on Climate Change, the Sisters commit to:



This corporate stance binds us, individually and corporately, to make decisions that protect our environment, to take actions that make our daily lives less harmful to the environment, and to invite others to understand that protection of Earth systems is essential for insuring a healthy planet for future generations.


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