I was a stranger and you made me welcome. Matt. 25:35
You must not oppress the stranger; you know how a stranger feels,
for you lived as strangers in the land of Egypt.
Ex. 23:9

As Dominican Sisters we strive to listen to God's voice and to discern that voice as it comes to us through the circumstances and events of our times. (Const. #46) One of the most contentious issues of our times is the need to reform our immigration laws. The Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform - the Justice for Immigrants Campaign - explains why compassionate and comprehensive reform of immigration laws is needed now. See how Sister Cecilia lives this out in her ministry.

Resolution on Immigration Reform - adopted by the

Compassionate comprehensive reform of the immigration system could:


America Magazine August 2 , 2010 : Common Ground on Immigration

The heated national debate over Arizona’s new immigration law has obscured the fact that there is “actual common ground” among Americans on “key elements” of immigration reform, said Cardinal Roger M. Mahony of Los Angeles. In a statement dated July 12, 2010 Cardinal Mahony cited five areas of commonality: the need for the home countries of immigrants to take greater responsibility for the plight of their citizens; increased border security; making more visas available for unskilled workers; the importance of filling agriculture jobs; and the implementation of the Dream Act, which would allow children of undocumented immigrants brought to the United States at an early age to become legal residents. One area that “creates sharp divisions among us” is the proposed path to citizenship for those currently in this country illegally, Mahony said. Immigrant advocates are not proposing a “general pardon,” he explained. “Immigrants here without permission would be required to pay for their transgression and ‘get right’ with the law, then earn their way toward eventual citizenship,” he said.


Our Sunday Visitor: Answering Tough Questions about immigration

Caritas International: Protect maids, nannies and carers from exploitation


The March 2010 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 96) focuses on the topic of immigration. How do we, as a society, draw on our moral and cultural values to welcome the immigrants in our midst, and promote a more just society for all? The feature story is "Honoring Human Dignity and the Common Good: A Catholic Approach to Immigration Reform", a Woodstock Forum that featured Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Donald Kerwin, Jill Marie Gerschutz, and Octavio González. The issue also includes reflections on the topic of immigration by Thomas Reese, S.J., Rev. Raymond Kemp, Daniel Madigan, S.J., John Haughey, S.J., and Metti Amirtham, SCC.


National Immigration Forum

And You Welcomed Me: Migration and Catholic Social Teaching
Edited by Don Kerwin and Jill Marie Gerschutz


The Justice Prayer

Come, O Holy Spirit!
Come, open us to the wonder, beauty, and dignity of all the diversity found in each culture, in each face, and in each experience we have of the other among us.
Come, fill us with generosity as we are challenged to let go and allow others to share with us the goods and beauty of earth.
Come, heal the divisions that keep us from seeing the face of Christ in all men, women and children.
Come, free us to stand with and for those who must leave their own lands in order to find work, security and welcome in a new land, one that has enough to share.
Come, bring us understanding, inspiration, wisdom and the courage needed to embrace change and stay on the journey.
Come, O Holy Spirit, show us the way. Amen.
(Jesuit Conference, Social and International Ministries)


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