Dominican Sisters of Sparkill
Land Ethic

Our shared values and beliefs regarding the earth in general and the land we own in particular have grown out of our study of the continuing revelation of God in all of creation, in the Scriptures, in the teachings of the Church, and in human wisdom. Our decisions and actions are shaped by our Dominican heritage, which impels us to seek new vistas of possibility in human and world development. (Congregational Call and Response #54-56)

Our studies in search of truth have led us to new understandings of Planet Earth.

We pledge to make all decisions about Earth and specifically, lands to which we hold title in light of these values and beliefs.

We pledge to consider the effect that these decisions will have on the Earth Community now and for generations to come.

We pledge to live a simple life in common, to use and share in a responsible manner resources entrusted to us by God, and to continually deepen our understanding of the vow of poverty.

(Congregational Directory #31.1-31.2)


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