Sabbatical - Sacred Time at Corazon
Corazon at Villa St. Dominic, Glasco

Sometimes we are called aside to take renew our spirits. Sacred Time is open to any self-motivated woman, religious or lay, who is in need of time to refresh the mind, body and spirit within a community setting.

Come for a few days...a week...or more.
(Brochure, application available on request.)

Corazon Hermitage

An invitation to:


and nurture the gift of yourself


the connections/interconnections
of your life's journey


the voice of the Spirit dwelling within
your heart and the heart of creation

Sacred Time includes options of extended stay-
September to June, or shorter time periods (months or weeks.)

For further information:
Corazón Staff, Villa St. Dominic
PO Box 189
Glasco NY 13432-0189
(845) 246-8941; Fax (845) 246-5610

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Sr. Margaret Tiernan,


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