Living the Dominican Charism

Are you searching for something more on your life’s journey? You may want to consider an invitation to walk with the Sparkill Dominican Sisters and Associates as we live the Dominican charism of preaching through the “pulpit of our lives.”

Sparkill Dominican Associates are lay women and men who walk with our vowed Dominican Sisters in their ministry for justice and peace among God’s people. Depending on our place in life, our participation may vary. We are women and men, working and retired, but our goals are those of the Dominican family: to praise, to bless, to preach. With our Sparkill Sisters, we are blessed to be walking with women who are truly making a difference. Inspired by their history and continued example, we journey with them to make a difference in our world today.

Are you searching? Find welcome and support among Sisters and Associates.

I saw the “Women Making a Difference” sign out front of Dominican Convent in Sparkill and wondered about it. One day I decided to walk in and ask, “How can I make a difference?

- Ann Hagopian, New York

Ann has been a volunteer and an Associate ever since!

Associate McSherry Oneill

Associate Bob O'Neill joins Sister Diane McSherry, co-director of New York Associates, to prepare for the Sisters' "Cycling for Peace" Ride.

“The Sisters are filled with joy and enthusiasm for doing good wherever they can. I have met incredible women of faith and kindness, strength and perseverance, and just plain "love of God" that has made my heart feel good! As an Associate I get to see the Lord In Action! I know now that Jesus is right there with us, always listening, always helping us as we look for answers to difficult questions/situations, e.g., the problems of parents of troubled children or finding housing/shelter/comfort for individuals and families who so desperately need this. Jesus is always loving us and asking us to carry that love to everyone we can.”

- Madonna Atwood, Missouri

I-r. St. Louis co-director Gwen Tresch and Associate Maureen Werner gather to pray together, sharing reflections on a passage of Scripture.

Associate Tresch Werner

As Dominican Associates, we seek to preach the Gospel by the witness of our lives.

associates collage

Pictured above, top left to right

  1. Visiting the Sisters in Siena Hall Infirmary, Sparkill
  2. Tutoring at East Side Heart & Home Family Center in East St. Louis, IL
  3. Preparing the altar for a liturgy in Sacred Heart Chapel, Sparkill
  4. Helping the Sisters at the Motherhouse learn new technologies
  5. Preparing packages to lift the spirits of residents in senior living communities in St. Louis.

As a child, I was blessed to have many Dominican Sisters of Sparkill as teachers in elementary school. They nurtured my faith, and I was truly moved and inspired by their example of love and commitment to God and compassionate service to others. Becoming an Associate of the Dominican Sisters will help me to serve and praise God more fully, learn more about Dominican Spirituality, deepen my relationship with God, and enrich my faith and prayer life within this vibrant, supportive, and responsive faith-filled community.

- Susan O’Neill

I was a young mother of four with a desire for a deeper spiritual life than my parish could offer. The invitation came and my life has been enriched far beyond my expectations.

- Ellen O’Sullivan, Connecticut

I have found Associate life to be a loving and vital approach to the presence of the lord. I consider my commitment as an Associate a special gift from the Lord.

- Maureen Werner, Missouri

associate quote

God has no arms but ours
to do his work and share his love.

- Ellen Tambini, New York

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