Ash Wednesday

A Lenten Barometer

For centuries, the Church has observed Lent as a season for examining our personal spiritual growth. We can recall the practice as children of giving up something that we especially liked for those forty days. But as we grow older, we try to reflect Saint Paul’s insight: “When I was a child I thought as …

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All Come Bearing Gifts

In late October 2021, Catholic Charities of San Antonio (CCOSA) sent out a request for Religious Sisters to volunteer for at least two weeks to assist with the influx of Afghan refugees arriving in San Antonio, Texas. The refugees were members of Afghan security forces who had been working with the American Military. The men …

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A Journey to Freedom

Afghan refugees, gathered in San Antonio, have come here with little more than the shirts on their backs. Most have been ripped away from their home, their culture, and their friends – especially their circle of supportive women. If given a choice, would they have taken the first step? Prior to this journey, life may …

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Your Prayers Heard and Answered…

The call came in a letter from LCWR (The Leadership Conference of Women Religious) looking for more volunteers to help with the resettling of Afghan families in San Antonio. The call to assist in refugee resettlement had come before, but I had not been able to respond because of other responsibilities. Perhaps like you, when …

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Widening the Pegs of My Tent

My experience of volunteering with Catholic Charities of San Antonio was truly one of “widening the pegs of my tent.” Beginning with the blessing given us before we left St. Louis, we felt your presence, prayer, and support every day. Thank you! God must have enjoyed surprising us all along the way! How else to …

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Noli Me Tangere

Fra Angelico – A Dominican Who Preached Through Art

Preaching is the mission of the Dominican Order. Dominicans live out this mission in their encounter with the Word of God through an informed wisdom, the fruit of our daily contemplation. Having the Word as a filtering lens during our contemplative prayer helps us to focus our speech and actions in all our encounters during …

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Water the Seeds of Healing

Some years ago, I visited Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington. A beautiful early spring day brought many people, many families out to visit the site. It was lovely to see so many young families of diverse ethnic heritages. I found myself totally distracted by the number of Black families touring the facilities. How, I …

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Winters Lessons - The language of God is Silence PIC

Winter’s Lessons

As the season of winter deepens its hold on us, nature provides us the opportunity to pursue an increased awareness of the gift of silence. There appears to be a death to growth all around us. Nature presents to us a picture of stillness which other seasons lack. But it is the silence of nature …

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Martin Luther King, Jr with quote

Gather The Dreamers

It is hard to believe. We’re still saying, “Happy New Year,” yet we are now ready to mark Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, January 17th. Every year, many tributes to Dr. King include references to his “I Have A Dream” speech. Does Dr. King’s statement “I have a dream….” make him a …

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Magi Epiphany

Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord

As we meditate on the scenes of Christmas, we see a peaceful scene of Joseph, Mary, and the Baby Jesus in a stable. Soon they were visited by shepherds with their sheep from the nearby hills. It was to these poor Jewish shepherds that the heavenly host of angels gave the first manifestation, or epiphany, …

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