Confidentiality Policy

  1. The Director of Mission Advancement shall be responsible for confidentiality of donor and prospect records and will ensure that all staff has clear direction regarding the confidentiality of records through the establishment of standard operating procedures. She may, in her discretion, make all or part of any record available to staff members or volunteers if essential to them in executing their responsibilities. Disclosure decisions will honor the wishes of donors related to disclosure unless a larger legal issue is related.
  2. Our auditors that Dominican Sisters of Sparkill employees are authorized to review donor records or gift agreements as required for the purposes for which they are engaged. Gift agreements are considered “strictly confidential information” and are not public documents. Gift documents will not be shared with the public or with individuals who benefit from the gift unless the donor has granted permission to do this or unless these details are essential to be shared to ensure that the gift is used as desired by the donor.
  3. Gift Representatives may receive statements of information concerning the activities of a donor designated fund or larger gift. For memorial funds, the family will designate a Gift Representative.
  4. Publication of Donor Names. The names of all individual donors will be listed in the annual report, honor roll, event communications. Exceptions will be made when a donor specifically requests anonymity.
  5. The Dominican Sisters of Sparkill will not publish the specific amount of any donor’s gift without the permission of the donor. Donors making gifts to the Sparkill Dominicans by bequest or other testamentary device are considered to have granted such permission.
  6. Honor/Memorial Gifts: The names of donors of memorial or honor gifts may be released to the honoree, next of kin, or appropriate member of the family unless otherwise specified by the donor. Gift amounts are not to be released without the express consent of the donor.

Please direct any questions or requests regarding this policy to or you may write to us at:

Dominican Convent of Our Lady of the Rosary
175 Route 340
Sparkill, NY 10034

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