2 New Associates Make Commitments in NY

At the monthly peace prayer on November 16, which was an evening of Taize prayer, the Sparkill community celebrated a commitment ceremony welcoming 2 new Associates to the congregation. Diane Dunne and Margaret (Margie) Hayes each made 1-year commitments to journey with the Sparkill Dominicans.

Diane, a former Sparkill Dominican Sister and Aquinas High School graduate, shared: “As the leader of the Women’s Journey Retreat Group at Presentation Church in NJ, I realize that I also need to be fed. I am hoping that I can both teach and learn how to be a better disciple- I like sharing my spiritual journey with like-minded women/men.” 

Margie shared, “I attended Our Lady Queen of Peace Church for 35+ years. Upon its closing I found myself attending Mass at Dominican Convent – I am more than grateful for this opportunity. I began volunteering in Siena Hall and now spend Tuesdays working in the convent’s Health Office. There are not many words to describe the joy I get from this work. By being an Associate I look forward to giving back to God all that he has given me and my children.”

Sr. Pat Hogan, Co-Director of the NY Associates Program, added: “Our Congregation continues to be graced by the presence of our Associates. Two new women, Diane Dunne and Margie Hayes, have chosen to journey with us by proclaiming in their lives our mission of ‘being joyful women of prayer and compassion who proclaim the reign of God through a ministry for justice and reverence for all creation.’ We welcome Diane and Margie and are thrilled to have them walk with us!”

(L-R): Sr. Pat Hogan, Co-Director of Sparkill Associates Program, Diane Dunne, Margie Hayes, & Mary Ryan, Co-Director of Sparkill Associates Program.
New Associates receive the Dominican Blessing during their commitment ceremony. 
Margie Hayes making her 1-year commitment as a Sparkill Associate. 
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