Celebrating a 105-year relationship in St. Louis

On Sunday, July 24, the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill were honored by the pastor and people of Epiphany Parish in St. Louis, MO for their 105 years of service to the parish and its school. A Mass of thanksgiving was held to celebrate this long relationship and the many lives touched through ministry there. The Dominican Sisters in St. Louis were in attendance and enjoyed the wonderful luncheon that followed, provided by the women of the parish. 

Four Sisters had been living at Epiphany Convent which closed in mid-August. The space, which is challenging for seniors to maneuver, will now be used for various parish activities. This closing ends an over 100-year stretch during which Sparkill Dominicans have lived in this location. When Epiphany School became a charter school in 2011, the Sisters’ teaching ministry there ended; however, they have continued to minister in the Parish.

The convent at Epiphany Parish, St. Louis, MO – Home to Dominican Sisters of Sparkill for 105 years

The celebration offered a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the connection between the Sparkill Dominicans and Epiphany Parish which has played a prominent role in the history of the Congregation. Sister Mary Murray, Sparkill President and a St. Louis native, shared, “Epiphany School is our longest continuous ministerial presence in St. Louis. For over 100 years, our Sisters taught generations of children and shared faith with the families at Epiphany. As educators, we contributed to the growth and development of the Catholic school system in St. Louis, which has left a positive, long-lasting impact on thousands of families in this city. From the early years which were full of struggle, our Sisters have always worked closely with clergy and the parishioners to meet the needs of the time, forming many positive relationships along the way. We give thanks to God for the opportunity to have served here all these years and are proud of the contribution our Sisters have made to this school and parish. May God bless the Epiphany community with goodness and peace.”

Epiphany School, St. Louis, MO. 

For the Sisters, it was an emotional letting go of their last formal convent in St. Louis. Sister Marie Daugherty, one of the most current residents at Epiphany, shared, “Leaving here after so many years is definitely a struggle, but God’s grace is always there for us. We have received so many blessings from this parish and the dear people are such a great joy. The Sisters will always carry a piece of Epiphany with us and will return from time to time for Sunday Worship and Homecomings. It is time for us, and for the parish, to move into the future.”

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