Immigrants’ Rights. Workers’ Rights. Human Rights: Sisters speak out for all at May Day Rally

On May 1, 2018, better known as May Day, several Dominican Sisters of Sparkill and a Sparkill Associate joined in solidarity with other concerned citizens to rally for the rights of immigrants, workers, and all human rights. The gathering was organized by the Rockland County Immigration Coalition for the second year in a row and was held at the highly-trafficked intersection of Route 59 and Middletown Road in Nanuet, NY, known as the “4 corners.”

Above: Sparkill Dominican Sisters and friends holding the Sparkill banner at the May Day Rally in Nanuet, NY on May 1, 2018. From L-R: Associate Susan O’Neill, Sr. Nancy Richter, Sr. Patricia Hogan, Sr. Helen Robert Boyd and Sr. Cecilia LaPietra.

Three Sisters who participated in the rally shared their experiences:

“Through chants and signs, we spoke out for the rights of immigrants! Standing together with other people and being a voice of support for our neighbors living here from other lands who are being unjustly treated, assured me that we can make a difference by witnessing and speaking out against our present immigration policies. I hope that this small act of being an advocate for our “beautiful strangers among us” has made a difference in the hearts and minds of those who drove past the 4 corners in Nanuet!” ~ Sr. Patricia Hogan

“It was a privilege to stand with this diverse group, representing many cultures and beliefs, on behalf of our immigrant sisters and brothers. The positive reactions of those who passed by and honked in support certainly outweighed any negative responses. We stood in solidarity, new immigrants to fifth generation Americans, knowing that we are all here because of our immigrant roots. We are one, we are the same, we stand for each other, we stand for the future, we stand for the soul of our nation.” ~ Sr. Nancy Richter

“It was good standing with my fellow Sisters and our Associate, holding our Sparkill banner that invites the stranger. We were joined by students and teachers from One to One Learning, members of the Immigration Coalition of Rockland County, sponsors of the rally, Projecto Faro, Stony Point Center, and others. We stood together in solidarity: many folks from different walks of life believing in the human right to live peacefully on God’s Earth, believing that there is no such entity as an “illegal alien.” We are all made in God’s image.  As I stood there, I thought about those from Central America waiting in the heat at the border, asking for amnesty to enter the United States. May those who have the power open their hearts and minds to them. ‘Love Melts I.C.E.’” ~ Sr. Cecilia LaPietra

Below: Scenes and messages from the 2018 May Day Rally in Nanuet, NY.

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