1975 – Welcoming Sister refugees from Viet Nam

The Sparkill Dominicans sponsor six Dominican Sister refugees from Vietnam. Some of these Sisters were eventually able to unite with other Dominican Sisters from Viet Nam, while one chose to become a Sparkill Dominican, ministering to local Vietnamese refugee communities.

1975 – New forms of ministry at Motherhouse

Dominican Convent becomes home to a variety of new ministries: Thorpe Senior Center, Thorpe Intermedia Gallery, Jerusalem House of Prayer, and the beginnings of Rockland Family Shelter. In addition, the Sisters provide hospitality in Dominican Convent for members of the United Farmworkers and give their support in the form of boycotts and protests.

1973 – Extending our reach to Montana

1973 marks the beginning of Sparkill Sisters’ ministry to Native Americans in Montana. Over the coming years, 16 Sisters will minister on 4 different reservations and in the city of Great Falls.

1973 – Affirmation of a Congregational Goal

In March 1973, the Congregation holds its first General Assembly. At this meeting of the entire membership, the Sisters formally adopt a congregational goal: “To proclaim the Reign of God through ministry for justice.” This goal becomes the guiding principle for personal and congregational decision-making and ministerial choices.

1968 – Our first Pakistani novices

Beginning in 1966, native Pakistani women become candidates for membership in the congregation, fulfilling a dream of the pioneer Sisters. Received as novices in 1968—Sisters Monica and Armenia were professed in 1971. Their families, friends, and all the local people of their native Catholic village of Francisabad were able to join sisters, priests, and bishops …

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1967 – Dedication of Dominican Convent in Sparkill, NY

A new motherhouse, Dominican Convent, is dedicated. This modern building provides the opportunity for the growing numbers of Sisters—professed members, novices, and candidates—to be together for prayer, community, and ministry. The spacious facility accommodates the creation of Siena Hall, a residential care center for frail and infirm Sisters and those recuperating from illness or surgery.

1964 – Rosary Academy, Sparkill, NY

The congregation builds a second high school in Rockland County—Rosary Academy, a high school for girls. The high school provided a quality education for more than 1000 young women until it closed in 1981.

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