Christmas Cheer – Right Now, Right Here

On Saturday, December 23, nine students from Albertus Magnus High School and two members of the AMHS Class of 2023 hosted a Christmas party for children at Marydell Faith & Life Center in Nyack. The children, who are recent immigrants to the United States, attend weekly religious education classes taught by Sr. Margaret Mary O’Doherty and assisted by Sr. Peggy McPartland and Sr. Veronica Mendez.

The Albertus students played a variety of party games and card games with the children. The children made Christmas crafts and enjoyed lunch followed by ice cream and cake. Many thanks to the group of Albertus students who shared the spirit of Christmas with their young friends.

The Christmas party for the children who attend Sr. Margie O’Doherty’s Religious Education program was a lot of fun! I was happy that a group of students from Albertus Magnus High School (including two recent graduates) wanted to provide a party for the children. Some of the students participated in the party last year, and they wanted to plan a party for the children again this year. It was great to see the Albertus students playing games and interacting with the children. There were lots of happy faces and laughter at our gathering at the Marydell Faith & Life Center!”

Sister Diane McSherry, Albertus Magnus Campus Minister

“I thought it was a great opportunity to help within our community by providing joy to the less fortunate during this special season. All the kids were very nice, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to participate in this event. One thing that stood out at the party was how all the kids connected very well with one another and would often give up their spots in games for those who had gotten out prior. They wanted others to have as much fun as they were, which I thought was very nice.”

Thanks to the Sisters, Albertus Magnus Students and children for helping to bring Christmas cheer to our world.


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