Regina Scherer Renews Commitment as a Sparkill Dominican Associate

On Sunday, May 8, the Sparkill Dominican Sisters and Associates in St. Louis gathered to commemorate Foundation Day. This celebration, marking the birth of the Congregation, began with a prayer service. During the prayer, Regina Scherer renewed her commitment as an Associate for a period of 5 years. Regina has been a Sparkill Associate since 2003. Associate Gwen Tresch and Sister Maureen Stocking, Co-Directors of the Associates in St. Louis, witnessed her commitment with those gathered. Sister Paulette Patritti (Regional) thanked Regina for her willingness to join with the Sisters in the mission of the Sparkill Dominicans—Women Making a Difference. A festive meal was shared by the Sisters and Associates to mark this happy event.

Regina Scherer renewing commitment
L-r: Gwen Tresch, Regina Scherer, Sister Paulette Patritti, and Sister Maureen Stocking
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