November Calendar Raffle

november calendar raffle, 2023

Dear Friends,

This year's Calendar Raffle offered you 72 chances to win. Each day, a Sister will drew one or more winning tickets---with the $2,500 Grand Prize Winner to be selected on Thursday, November 30.

Your prayers and support have enabled us to bring new life to our mission and work of education, healthcare, and spiritual inspiration.

We are grateful for the friendship that you have shared with us for so many years. Be assured that we are praying for you and your family. Please continue to pray for us.

Thank you for your support... and good luck! God bless you!

Sister Irene Ellis, OP

Nov calendar


$15 Each  *  3 Tickets for $30  *  5 Tickets for $40

10 Tickets for $75

Tickets are drawn each Monday for the weekly winners at Dominican Convent in Sparkill.
A list of winners is posted on this page.



Week 1:


$1,000  Theresa Gelli 
   $500  Joan Tully 
2-Nov  $100  Sr. Marie Peter 
   $100  Ken Kaichinski 
3-Nov  $100  Sr. Maureen Bradshaw 
   $50  Joann Lake 
   $50  Janet Crisp 
4-Nov  $100  L. Brennan 
   $100  Anne Cotter 
5-Nov  $100  Vinny Perro 
   $100  Thomas Galligan 

Week 2:

6-Nov $100 Pauline Green
$50 M. Falloon
$50 Siena Hall
7-Nov $75 Margaret Hamder
$75 Therese McSherry
$50 Helen Cox-Nadel
8-Nov $75 Anne Coyne
$75 Therese Gallo
$50 Kristian Walters
9-Nov $75 Richard Lata
$75 Sr. Maryanne Summa
$50 M. Hopkins
10-Nov $100 Paul Olkowski
$50 Sr. Kathleen Gallagher
$50 Donna Lennane
11-Nov $100 Sr. Margaret Gannon
$100 Ken Marco
12-Nov $100 Emily Durrian
$50 Barbara Quinn
$50 Barbara Quinn

Week 3:

13-Nov $100 Sr. Jude
$100 Sr. Jude
14-Nov $150 Barbara Maggio
$50 Catherine Schuster
15-Nov $50 Daniel McGrath
$50 Bradley Nicholson
$50 Eileen Larkin
$50 Tom Duggan
16-Nov $100 Liz Jennings
$50 Patrick Dempsey
$50 Ruth Mannhaupt
17-Nov $125 Marge Lane
$75 Paul and Kathleen McCullough
18-Nov $200 Carl Ferraro
$100 Joan Skumowicz
$100 Sr. Mary Grey
19-Nov $100 Maureen Salerno
$100 Fr. Joseph Scardella

Week 4

20-Nov $100 Joseph Daugherty
$100 Madeline Carrol
21-Nov $100 Diane Dunne
$100 Kathleen Marcato
22-Nov $100 Sr.  Grace Hogan
$100 Sr. Rose Pfannebecker
23-Nov $100 Sr. Margaret Flaherty
$100 Pauline Green
24-Nov $100 Sr. Lynn  & Sr. Dottie
$100 Richard Lata
25-Nov $100 Eileen Larkin
$100 Mary Conroy
26-Nov $100 Carolyn Guy
$100 Sr. Susan Dunn

Final Week

27-Nov $100 M. Stocking
$100 Florence Puccio
28-Nov $200 Sam Tierney
$100 Eric Cook
$100 Mary J. Conroy
29-Nov $100 Sisters Lynne & Dorothy
$50 Sisters Aileen & Mary D.
$50 Carol Brandes
30-Nov $2,500 Sr. Marie Peter


Dominican Sisters, Sparkill, NY are registered with the State of New York Racing and Wagering Board Bureau of Charitable Gaming Compliance, Permit Number GC-39-203-040-06304. A donation is not required to be eligible, nor will it increase the chance of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

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