February 2022

All Come Bearing Gifts

In late October 2021, Catholic Charities of San Antonio (CCOSA) sent out a request for Religious Sisters to volunteer for at least two weeks to assist with the influx of Afghan refugees arriving in San Antonio, Texas. The refugees were members of Afghan security forces who had been working with the American Military. The men […]

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A Journey to Freedom

Afghan refugees, gathered in San Antonio, have come here with little more than the shirts on their backs. Most have been ripped away from their home, their culture, and their friends — especially their circle of supportive women. If given a choice, would they have taken the first step? Prior to this journey, life may

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Water the Seeds of Healing

Some years ago, I visited Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington. A beautiful early spring day brought many people, many families out to visit the site. It was lovely to see so many young families of diverse ethnic heritages. I found myself totally distracted by the number of Black families touring the facilities. How, I

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