All Saints's by Elizabeth Want

Feast of All Souls

During these early days of November, we are called to contemplate the great doctrine of the Communion of Saints, which we declare every time we say the Apostles Creed. Sometimes in our recitation, we may not always give it the attention it deserves. The communion of saints is the spiritual harmony that binds together the faithful on earth, those still journeying to God, and the saints in heaven as the mystical body of Christ.

Pope John XXIII


On October 11, we marked the Feast of John XXlll, which is neither his birth nor his death in 1962. However, he officially opened the Second Vatican Council. In his opening remarks at the Council, he said that the Gospel of Jesus had not changed but we have grown to understand it better. The Council …

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To Jesus Through Mary

Today’s feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a time when I like to pause and reflect upon the young Jewish maiden who courageously gave her “yes” to become the Mother of the long-awaited Messiah—and to the mystery that constantly unfolded during her lifetime. When I do so, I discover once more …

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Feast of St. Dominic

We have much to celebrate in the life and legacy of Dominic de Guzmán, founder of the worldwide Order of Preachers. In his fervent desire to share the light of truth (Veritas), Dominic took a holistic approach to life and learning when he integrated the strength of four pillars of study, prayer, service, and common …

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