Economic Justice

All human beings are ends to be served by the institutions that make up the economy, not means to be exploited for more narrowly defined goals…. When we deal with each other, we should do so with the sense of awe that arises in the presence of something holy and sacred.

– Economic Justice for All, U.S. Catholic Bishops Pastoral Letter, 28

God’s vision is for everyone to live the fullness of life. Economic Justice provides opportunities for persons to enjoy dignified, productive, and creative lives. We denounce the global economic system which allows the world’s richest 1 percent to own 45 percent of the world’s wealth. We denounce valuing money and profit over the dignity of human beings and the life of the planet.

Excerpt from our Corporate Stance on economic justice .…

We believe that the federal budget is a moral document, representing our priorities, values, and aspirations. We believe that huge increases in military spending affect people living in poverty, children, the elderly and the infirm of our nation. We recall the words of Vatican II: “The arms race is an utterly treacherous trap for humanity, and one that ensnares the poor to an intolerable degree.” (Gaudium et Spes, Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, 81)

What steps must I take to bring about a world in which the common good of all is realized? What changes can I make to my lifestyle to reflect this commitment?

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