Fort Belknap Reservation, Rocky Boy’s Reservation, and Great Falls

Facing forward, we trust that God will transform us into disciples, challenging us to a radical living of the gospel. – Chapter 2016 Direction Statement

Sister Kathleen Kane, OP

My experiences on Fort Belknap Reservation, Rocky Boy’s Reservation, and in Great Falls have been deeply enriching. Learning about the culture and traditions of the Indigenous people and participating in celebrations and ceremonies of the Gros Ventre, Assiniboine, Chippewa, Cree, Metis, and other tribes has been inspiring and life-giving.

Teaching, prison ministry, crisis intervention, opening a house of hospitality in Great Falls for Urban Native Americans, serving in the diocesan office and on local boards and committees have been part of this ministry. During a Gros Ventre ceremony in Hays, I was surprised to receive the name “Runs Still in the Water”; and later, I was given the name “Angel Woman” from the Blackfeet at Heart Butte.

bison in Montana

Of course, the mountains, prairie, buffalo, antelope and deer, and the camping, hiking, and living in “The Last Best Place” have added to the beauty of facing forward in Big Sky Country.


– Sister Kathleen Kane, OP
Sister Kathleen has ministered among the Native Americans in Montana since 1973. She is currently does pastoral outreach in Big Sandy and at Box Elder, Rocky Boy’s Reservation.

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