The strongest muscle in your body

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The strongest muscle in your body is . . . your tongue! It can build up or tear down, comfort and console, or wreak havoc and devastation. What the tongue enables us to produce is words.

What happens when this simple, small organ belongs to God? Looking at Isaiah 55:10-11, we see that the Word that goes forth from the mouth of God produces fruit—fruit that will last. It does not return to its source until it has done that for which it was sent.

Isaiah 55

When this Word comes to you, are you gripped with a burning desire to complete what is being requested? hiding under a bushel basket? fighting for breath? filled with rejoicing? wishing it would just go away?

It is possible to have all these reactions at once! This is the Word of God, not just a text message from a friend. On the other hand, it might be that still small voice that I hear when I’m silent.* It seeps in slowly and takes over my consciousness, and it won’t go away!

The only way to prepare for this encounter with the Word of Godis to pray to build a relationship with God that will give you the confidence and courage to carry out the task. More than words, this meditative prayer builds a living relationship with God, making God more real with each conversation – warmer, closer, encouraging!

Today is the day to begin or deepen your life-giving relationship with God, so that the strongest muscle in your body becomes an instrument of God!

Sister Catherine Patrice Morgan

– Sister Catherine Patrice Morgan, OP

Sister Catherine Patrice ministers in retreat work and spiritual direction

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