Feast of the Annunciation

Reflections on the Annunciation by Pauline Blandina, OP
Reflections on the Annunciation by Pauline Blandina, OP

Mary, daughter of Anne and Joachim, was going about her daily routine when she became aware of a presence and of a request that was being made of her. Did she realize that this request through the Angel Gabriel was from God the Father?  Certainly, she was taken aback and perhaps confused about from whom this request actually came and what this request could possibly mean.  Did she ask herself whether or not this was a real message from God or was it part of her imagination? She didn’t have a great deal of time to process this happening.  It is known though, that because she was a woman of great faith, she recognized that she was being asked to become the mother of the Son of God.  Of course, she did not understand how this could happen.  But then again, because she was a woman of great faith, she said YES, that she would do what was asked of her.

How many times a day do we receive a request from God the Father?  Are we aware that perhaps a special task is being asked of us? Sometimes, in our daily routine, it is not so obvious that Our Lord is right by our side, guiding us and asking us to fulfill a request from Him.  Because we are people of faith, we are consistently given the opportunity to recognize God the Father working in our lives.  Especially during this Lenten season can we be vigilant, receptive, and eager to say our YES to requests from our Loving God?


– Sister Suzanne Walker, OPSister Sue Walker

Former teacher and principal, at Holy Rosary School, Monroe City, Missouri.
Sister Sue now volunteers at the school and parish.


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