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O Mary, conceived without sin….

Angel Gabriel was first to proclaim Mary’s immaculate conception when he addressed her: “Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee!” God had a plan and had prepared her for it. From her conception in the womb of her mother Saint Anne, Mary was free from sin. This belief has been held and […]

Advent candle graphic

Light the Advent Candles

We need Advent, this time of hope, expectation, light shining in the darkness. We need to hear once again those Advent scriptures-of a lion lying down with a lamb, of valleys being raised and mountains made low, crooked paths becoming straight, the rough ways smooth, and the dawn from on high breaking upon us, guiding […]

A Gift From The Chippewa Cree

What a blessing it is to be exposed to so many different cultural values and perspectives in life! I am extremely grateful for my thirty-eight years living with the Chippewa Cree tribe in Montana. They taught me so much about the presence of the Great Spirit God in all of creation. Randy Woodley, a Cherokee […]

grass growing out of crack in cement

The power of a blade of grass…

Have you ever noticed a blade of grass coming through the middle of an asphalt driveway? The slender blade is so strong that it can push its way right through the asphalt. Yet that same blade of grass is so delicate that even a child’s fingers can pull it apart into a dozen pieces. A […]

Fall foliage on Dominican Sisters of Sparkill property


The leaves are finally beginning to show their fall colors on the Motherhouse grounds here in Sparkill and they dazzle! Many of us are blessed to be able to walk this property for exercise and reflection each day. Last week, I attended the wedding in Sacred Heart Chapel of a young woman whose mother was […]

Garden statue of Saint Francis Assisi

Saint Francis Assisi and Laudato Sí

More than eight hundred years ago a man by the name of Francis fell in love with the God of creation through experiencing the gift of the natural world. He saw the face of his creator in every wildflower he touched and in the blades of grass his feet trod through the countryside of Assisi. […]

Chapel interior

Who We Are and Whose We Are

Once there was a lioness who gave birth to a tiny cub and then died. The little cub was lost, but he finally found a herd of goats who were bleating and eating grass. The cub stayed with the goats and learned to make bleating sounds and even learned to eat grass. One day another […]

Current and past staff members of New Hope Manor at the Friars of Atonement annual Sharing Hope Celebration

New Hope Manor Receives Honor at Gala

What a great night I had Friday, October 1, 2021, with former colleagues from New Hope Manor, Barryville, NY. The organization was honored for 50 years of community service in helping women recover their lives from addiction. The evening was hosted by the Friars of the Atonement, Garrison, NY; the event was their annual Sharing […]

Montana dancers

A holiday to reflect on…

I imagine that many school-aged children look upon Labor Day with mixed emotions-saying goodbye to summer vacation and hello to a new school year. I wouldn’t be surprised if some start counting the days until their first school holiday and, for most, that would be Columbus Day. Throughout its history, this holiday has generated controversy, […]

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Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

October, a brilliant season when the cool crisp days encourage the trees to turn yellow, red, and gold, brightens our spirits. Have you realized that our two loveliest months, May and October, are dedicated to Mary? Fittingly, during this beautiful month we celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary with a special day on October 7. […]

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